Our products are handcrafted in California and produced in small batches.
We make sure that our suppliers source all the ingredients from sustainable sources.
We use organic (USDA Organic certified) ingredients as much as we can. You can check our ingredients page in order to find out which of them are organic.


Our model is as sustainable as we can make it today, and we will keep working to do our best. Most our oils are sold in high-quality glass bottles and reusable (refillable) and recyclable plastic. Our spray allows our oils to be travel friendly and kids friendly.

Our packaging is reusable, refillable and recyclable.

We also support associations that are committed to cleaning our oceans and protecting our forests.


Clean is not a regulated word so anyone can use it to mean something different. For us it means that our products are made of natural ingredients that won't harm your health and that do not harm the planet.
This is important to us because many ingredients are not necessarily bad for your health, but their production process is toxic for the environment.
Finally, we choose ingredients that come from sustainable sources.