Welcome to my world!

Macarons à Paris was born from the desire of creating a fun & informed community around the skincare world.

I have always been very curious about what is behind the ingredients lists of what I eat and what I put on my skin. This curiosity led me to study natural skincare formulation, and to do extensive research about the skin anatomy, function and the way skincare interacts with the skin. After months of trial and error, I finally came up with this unique body oil formulation that is non-greasy, natural, nourishing and mild.

Why an oil? on one hand, it is what nourishes most the skin, oils talk skin's language. On the other, I really wanted to create a nourishing dry oil, the kind of oil that allows you to wear pants right after having spread it on your skin. When I came up with this formulation, I only wanted one thing: share it with the world.

About me? Creative, multi-tasker, passionate about nature, environment conservation, mom of three and married. I live one day at a time.

Why Paris? I lived in Paris for many years and it shaped my adult life, I really wanted to include Paris in my project to keep the connection with that beautiful city.

Thank you for being here and embark with me in this adventure!
- Viviane